Family Fall Sessions in Michigan

Why Take Photos in the Fall?

Fall is one of the most popular seasons for photography, and there's a reason for it. Fall in Michigan is nothing short of gorgeous. With red, yellow and orange leaves covering the trees and blanketing the ground, photos come out vibrant, colorful and unique from other seasons.

Best Time to Take Fall Pictures

The best time to take fall pictures in Michigan is at the peak of the color change. This year, the leaves were most colorful around the third week of October. I held fall mini sessions on October 22 and was able to captures leaves on the trees and on the ground! If you are really trying to capture the season of fall, I highly recommend trying to capture some fallen leaves. This adds color, texture and dimension to your photographs,

If you are wanting to capture the fall season in photos, be sure to talk to your photographer or research mini sessions in your area. Often times photographers will offer photo events at the estimated peak changing time!

Best Locations for Fall Photos in Detroit

As a resident of the Metro Detroit area, I have found several great parks and locations for fall photos in Michigan. Michigan is filled with parks and has lots of trees, so the opportunities are pretty much endless.

This year, I held minis at Budd Park in Clinton Township because there are SO many trees in the park, including a long walking trail that is pretty much a tunnel of colors! The trick is to find a place that has the most trees.

Some other great locations for fall pictures in Michigan include:

  • Dodge Park, Sterling Heights, MI
  • Innovation Hills, Rochester Hills, MI
  • Marsh Bank Park, Bloomfield Hill, MI
  • Stoney Creek Metro Park
  • River Bends Park in Shelby Township, MI (one of my favorites!)

Family Outfit Ideas for Fall

So you know you want to take family photos in the fall, but you are unsure of fall family photo outfit ideas. Here are my tips when choosing what to wear for fall photos:

  • Keep it simple: simple outfits with little to no pattern help prevent a clash with the beautiful scenery.
  • Stay neutral: neutral colors not only blend well with fall, but they don't distract from the most beautiful part of the photo -- you!
  • Be comfortable: Dress warm for chilly days. Make sure the kids are comfortable, otherwise it really shows in photos!
  • Change up the colors: wearing multiple colors, between 2-3, can really help add variety and interest to your photos.
  • Textures: corduroy and sweaters are in! They add texture and variety to your images, plus they keep you warm. It's a win-win!
  • Avoid flannel: flannels are very fall, but they have started to become cliche. If you want your photos to stick out and be unique, shy away from familiar and try something new!

Overall, when it comes to choosing outfits for family photos, you want to feel comfortable and coordinated with the others in your family. It never hurts to look at past client galleries the photographer has done to get inspiration!

When to schedule fall pictures

Fall is the busiest season for some photographers. There are many families who want to take advantage of the changing colors at the same time. The best time to schedule fall pictures is at least two or three months in advance! As soon as you see your photographer offering mini sessions, jump on them quickly because slots do not remain open long. If you want a longer session with your family, it's best to contact a photographer as soon as possible to reserve the date and time. Be prepared to supply a down payment to reserve your spot as well!

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