Embrace the Wedding Trends

As a strong Enneagram 4, I am usually opposed to following trends and always planning an event for what feels true and unique to you. As a photographer, I always aim to create art that is unique and personal for you on your wedding day or family milestone. I have been trying all the trends this year in an effort to expand my horizons and explore all the ways we can make photography a more personal artform. Here are some of my favorite wedding photography trends I have come to love in 2023!

Champagne Tower

I am actually going to do this at my own wedding! While a trend, a champagne tower is still not common at weddings I photograph. It's definitely more fun and exciting than a cake cutting (if we are honest nobody really watches the cake cutting). If you like champagne and are wanting to go a little non traditional for your wedding, this might be for you!

Pro tip: Look on Amazon for specific champagne tower classes. They actually make them so they stick together and not fall apart while pouring into them!

Direct Flash

When a photographer refers to direct flash, that means point the flash straight forward at the person hey are photographing. Traditionally, photographers avoid direct flash in order to create photos with softer lighting and very soft shadows.

In the past year, the direct flash trend has emerged and brought with it all sorts of vibes! If you like film style photography, this might be for you! It really adds a whole new effect to photographs. It can really add a glow to your skin when done correctly!

Hand Photos

Hand pics! I know, this one sounds a bit weird at first. I feel like this past year has really paid attention to detail in photos. From rings to hands, to giving us that entire feeling of intimacy through photos. Hand photos just give an element of emotion and closeness.

I think sometimes we just go through life so quickly that we don't pay attention to the small things, like how our ring shines in the light or how the touch of our partner's hand feels agains ours. I personally love hand photos because they give us a new perspective in our photographs.

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