Oh boy! How are you feeling? If you’ve come across this page, I am assuming you’re about to ask your partner to marry you! You might even consider it one of the biggest days of your life! It’s okay, no need to be anxious! As a Michigan wedding photographer who photographs proposals, I am here to help you plan the day so it is smooth and successful!

Why you should plan a proposal

Whether you’ve been with your partner for six months or six years, you should always plan the proposal! Even if you consider yourself the spontaneous type, or you just want something low-key, a plan can help you stay on track and help the day go smoothly, especially when you’re nervous!

Whenever I work with couples to plan a proposal, I encourage the to plan a date out if the day. Make dinner reservations, schedule a picnic or maybe do something that brings a lot of joy to both of you. This only happens once, and the day should be celebrated and honored! Make it memorable!

Creating a Surprise Proposal

Sometimes the element of surprise is the hardest part of the proposal, especially if you live with your partner. No worries, that’s what I am here for! Whenever I work with couples, I help create a detailed plan for how, where and when the proposal will happen. I even give you some ideas on how to throw your partner off!

During one of my most recent proposals, the person proposing worked with their family to find a proposal spot. They made sure they were not with their partner before the they popped the question. They even left their phone with a friend so their location couldn’t be tracked!

Top Tips from a Proposal Photographer

After photographing several proposals in the Detroit area, here are my top tips for making sure your proposal is smooth and successful:

  1. Get Family and Friends Involved: Family and friends help make sure the day goes smoothly. They tend to stay calm even when you are extremely nervous! The best proposals I have witnessed include family and friends making sure the other partner is busy or occupied that day so they never see the question coming. Many even set up some rose petals, candles, the champagne, and/or the ring at a designated location to add some romance! I highly recommend having someone else hold on to the ring if you are with your partner. This way there is no bulge in your pocket and you can rest assured your partner won’t find it!
  2. Plan the day: I already mentioned this before, but make sure your day is planned! Make a fun date out of it, and be sure to celebrate! This is a big deal!  If you are hiring a photographer, they will need to know the time and place of the proposal as soon as possible, A good photographer will help you figure out what that is!
  3. Hire a photographer! Even if there is just a friend there to take photos, make sure you document this special moment. This is the day so many have been anticipating, so make sure it’s not taken lightly! I also recommend taking some time after the proposal to take some shots of the happy expressions and showing off the ring!

As a wedding photographer in Metro Detroit, I work with many couples who are planning to get engaged. When I hop on a call with the person proposing, I always help brainstorm how, when and where they will propose. Hiring a professional photographer isn’t just having someone take photos, but working with someone who has done this many times and can help you in the planning process!


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