Are you expecting a baby on the way? Are you debating taking maternity photos? 

Being pregnant may not always be bliss, but it is a beautiful part of life! I mean, you’re growing an entire human for nine months! There’s no moment in life NOT worth photographing. Motherhood is a gift at every stage.

If you’re not a couple used to being photographed, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! A good photographer will help prompt and pose you. Here are some go-to poses I use for my clients:

  • Walking and holding hands
  • Looking at each other & focusing on how excited you are
  • Smiling at baby
  • Snuggle up close and put your hands on the belly
  • Use props like sonograms, shoes & onesies!
  • Include other siblings in the shoot!
  • Hold hands with booties in between!

I always prompt mom to put her hands on her belly to really showcase the bump, too! The purpose of a maternity shoot is to really reflect on what this time means for you and your partner. Photoshoots are meant to be fun and meaningful.

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