Last. year I had a shoot scheduled with some friends "just for fun." It ended up snowing several inches the day before our shoot, and we were so excited to see how beautiful the park looked when we arrived!

When the snow is fresh and falling, it is one of the most beautiful sights! It's almost impossible to plan a photoshoot ahead of time to plan for the perfect snowfall. If you do get so lucky to make it out just after a snow storm or during a fresh snow fall, make sure to take as many photos as possible because you never know when that's going to happen again!

Here are some couple snow photos from that shoot last year.

Tips for Taking Couples Photos in Snow

If you are looking to take some couples photos in the snow, here are some tips for the best photos:

  • Wear colored clothing. White will be lost with all the white snow! Contrasting colors like reds, dark blues or even oranges can help set the couple apart from the background.
  • Don't wear bulky jackets if you can help it! Yes, it's cold, but puffy coats often get in the way of poses and can be distracting.
  • Wear winter boots! You don't want wet, cold feet!
  • Watch camera settings. Snow reflects light, so keep in mind that camera settings will be different than typical portrait photos. Keep your shutter speed high and aperture narrow to prevent overexposed photos.

Schedule Couples Photos Session

Are you ready to schedule a couples photoshoot? Contact me today to check availability! You can even ask to be on my stand-by list in case the snow falls perfectly for another snow photoshoot!