At Home Newborn Photography in Metro Detroit

Newborns are incredibly beautiful. I love working with families after they've brought their new baby home.

Watching the love between a parent and a baby gives me so much joy!

Photographing these special moments is so important because the days fly by so quickly.

I specifically offer in-home newborn photography to families in Metro Detroit to provide convenience and comfort for your session.

When is the best time to take newborn pictures?

The best time to take newborn photos is within the first two weeks of their birth. One of the best parts of these pictures is being able to capture the freshness of your baby. This is also the time they are the most sleepy, so they tend to do better with pictures!

As for a time of day to take pictures, consider when the sun lights up your home the most. This could be the morning sun seeping into your living room or the sunset coming through your windows. Lighting is such a large part of photography and determining the outcome of your images.

How to prepare for newborn pictures

Planning newborn photos can be a little intimidating. You have this perfect bundle of joy in your arms and you want to make sure everything you feel and love is captured in photographs. Perfect photos are possible with a little bit of planning! Obviously, babies are not always predictable, and each child is different, but here are some general tips to help you get the baby pictures you are looking for:

  • Plan around meal time: just after feeding is a great time for babies to be happy and sleepy
  • Prepare a fresh diaper: we want to make sure baby is as comfortable as possible!
  • Incorporating siblings: when adding in other children to the photos, plan around their nap times as well! This sill help them be happy and comfortable for pictures.
  • Baby outfits for pictures: plan to have 2-3 outfits prepared for pictures. One hour is usually time for two outfits. It's always good to have an extra outfit prepared in case of an accident or extra time.
  • Identify the places in your home with the best lighting! This will make the process smoother and easier.
  • Pick up the nursery and any areas you want photographed

Newborn Photography Ideas

baby feet newborn photography Michigan

All the Details

When photographing babies, you can't forget to capture their little hands and feet! These details are some of the most precious memories we have of our little ones.

newborn photography in metro detroit

Baskets & Blankets

When I come to your home for newborn photos, I always bring baskets and blankets to use for props! These make for unique and cute photos that feature your baby in a new way.

The Whole Family

We can't forget to include those who made the baby! I love photographing your joy as you hold your new baby. You also may want to include grandparents and siblings!

DIY Newborn photos at home

Are you thinking about taking your baby's pictures on your own with your phone? Here are some things to consider:

  • Phone resolution: will your phone's camera be able to capture all the details? Will you be able to enlarge the photos as much as you'd like?
  • Are you able to capture yourself in the photos? You can't forget about that!
  • Do you have lots of lighting in your home? Sometimes extra light sources like flashes or LEDs are a must!

As a family photographer in Metro Detroit, I currently offer in-home lifestyle newborn sessions that are designed to document your family in as natural a way as possible. If you want natural photos of the whole family and your baby, contact me today for more information!

Looking for a newborn photographer? Contact me today to get started!