Outfit Ideas for Family Photos

Did you just book a family photographer? Or, maybe you’re looking to book a family session, but still in the process of searching for a photographer, place or wondering what you should wear to your family photography session.

If any of this sounds like you, keep reading. In this blog post my goal is to help you find the best outfits for you and your family for your photo session!

Family Photo Color Schemes

The first thing you may consider when choosing what to wear for family photos is color. Colors play a big role in photography. When determining what colors to wear for family pictures, consider these factors:

  • The season you’re in
  • The location for photos
  • Your skin tone/favorite colors
  • Indoor vs. outdoor photos

Summer and fall outdoor photos are probably my favorite to photograph as a photographer. Are you getting photos taken in fall? Consider earthy tones to compliment the color changes. Summer? Bright and vibrant colors always fair well! 

You will want to think about where your photos will be taken as well. If you’re getting photos taken outdoors in lots of greenery during the summer months, you may not want to wear anything green that may blend you into the background, unless your goal is a monochrome look.

If you are taking photos in the winter, the number one factor I would consider is comfort. Make sure you’re able to stay warm and comfortable — especially if shooting outdoors! Your comfort level really shows through in photos, maybe more than you realize. 

When shooting outdoors in the wintertime, pops of color always fair well. Usually the trees are dead and brown. If you’re lucky enough to have some snow, avoid wearing white so you don’t blend in. 

If you’re getting photos done indoors, you’ll want to talk to your photographer about the specific background and lighting they intend to use. If they are using a busy background, you may want to stick with neutral colors. If they have  a plane background, consider outfits that contrast with it. 

How to dress kids for family pictures

The most important factor in dressing kids for family pictures is to make sure they are comfortable. If you want your child to smile for the pictures or look at least semi happy, you don’t want to make them upset or uncomfortable.

Take it from me: a girl who hated wearing itchy sweaters and dresses for events growing up. You can find photos of me as a kid pouting or grimacing due to the outfits I was forced to wear. Instead, invite your children to have a choice in what they wear. Help them to get excited about the upcoming photoshoot and prepare them for what will happen so they don’t feel so scared or timid when the time comes. Do they want to feel like princess? Consider a fun dress they can twirl in. Do they want to feel handsome or simply comfortable in everyday wear? Kids don't hold back their opinion!

You may even want to consider dressing your children for photos first, so they are able to be comfortable and you, the parents, can plan around their outfits. Don’t worry too much about outfits matching or being the same. Instead, look more at the colors being worn and make sure at least a part of the outfit coincides with a consistent color palette.

What you should not wear in family pictures

There’s not a lot of outfits I would advise not to wear for family pictures. The most important thing is that you all feel comfortable and confident in your outfits. As a family photographer in Michigan, the biggest issue I see in the wardrobe is the lack of compliance with clothing fitting a specific way.

Avoid these common issues when choosing what to wear for family pictures:

  • Bra straps showing
  • Stained clothing
  • Itchy or tight clothing
  • Brand new shoes (especially for kids who tend to take the off)

Again, it all comes down to comfort. If you have to continually adjust your outfit, I would recommend choosing something different. Usually this leads to discomfort or clothing not laying the way you would like in the photos.

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